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I have all the surnames in now, but have not written any of the stories yet. I am now receiving info on some of the family line, but I am not able to edit and or add info at this time. I'm sure it's me, but let me know because I am still tracking all new info. on my files at home and will eventually edit/add the info. Please contact me if you have comments, additions or questions. My only request is that if you use any of my information please state that you got the info. from me. Thank you.


Claudia Millegan Doerfler cdoerf@embarqmail.com

Descendants of:


This is the family line from the Milligans in Indiana to the Millegans in Georgetown, Texas

I. William Milligan b. m. Jane White


James Wm. Milligan SR

II. James Wm. Milligan SR b. 1772 Ohio/Pa, d. 2-13-1851 Fairbanks Twp., Sullivan

Co. Ind. m. Nancy Johnston 1776 in Adams Co. Pa.


1. Margaret Milligan b. 6-24-1798 m. Wm. McGrew; b. Adams Co. Pa.;she died

2-24-1873 Keokuk, IA, Doggett Cem

2. William b. @ 1800 Pa.

3. James Wm. b. 12-7-1802 Pa. m. Elizabeth Rankin b. 6-24-1806; he died

7-2-1880 Warren/Henderson Co., IL, Walnut Grove Cem.

4. Mary b. 1807 Pa.

5. Nancy b. 11-6-1803 in PA m. Hugh Rankin b. 1805;she died before

1850, Henderson Co. IL, m. in Sullilvan Co.

6. Wakely Milligan b. @1812, m. Rhoda Hunt m @ 1-1-1836 d. 1836

7. Sarah b. 9-16-1814 in PA. m. Alexander Rankin; b. 1799

Montgomery Co. Pa.; d. 4-16-1898 Henderson co. IL, Walnut Grove Cem.

8. Catherine (Kate) b. 3-1815 Adams Co. PA ; m. Archibald Bostick b. 1818 IN.

she died 6-10-1902 Fairbanks, IN Drake Cem.

9. Jane b. 1816 PA m. John Maxwell,

10. Alsannah b. 9-29-1819 Gettysburg, Pa. m. Wm. Bostick; she died

1-3-1884 Sullivan Co. In Union Chapel Cem.

#2 m. Lewis Mayfield 1850

11. Sydney Milligan b. 11-10-1820 OH m. George Mayfield d. 1-28-1886

Henderson co. IL

12. John E. Milligan b. 4-14-1824 OH. m. Sarah Johnson d. 9-19-1851 Fairbanks

Twp. Sullivan co. IN.

III. Wakely Milligan b. @1812 d. @1836

m. Rhoda Hunt b. 3-21-1818 died when their child was about 6

months old. Both died in Vigo Co. IN.

m. 1-1-1836


  1. Anselm Wakely Milligan b. 12-9-1836

IV. Anselm Wakely Millegan b. 12-9-1836 Vigo Co. IN. d. 6-15-1915 Georgetown Tx

m. Louisa Piety b. 12-7-1843 d. 7-23-1927 Georgetown, Tx

m. 12-15-1859 Vigo Co. Indiana (for some reason the Piety surname is not listed, so type it in at the top to search for her family line)


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